Insurance Experts Save Time, Money, Stress When Printing & No Longer Need a VPN

Hastings Insurance Brokers, based in Ireland, have been providing quality insurance services and advice since the company was founded by David & Mary McDermott in 1980. Today the company has six offices located in the towns of Westport, Claremorris, Ballina, Castlebar, Tuam, and Sligo.

When the company switched its IT to a full cloud environment from the service provider Applied Systems in February 2020, printing problems occurred immediately. Printing simply went wrong, or printouts took an extremely long time. Enda Mulchrone, General Manager at Hastings, tried a variety of approaches, but nothing seemed to help. Even a print server couldn’t solve the problem.

Then the IT manager came across ThinPrint. Most employees don’t use a PC, instead, relying on Praim thin clients. The manufacturer of the Thin Clients pointed out to him that several models come with an integrated ThinPrint client. In a trial setting, Enda Mulchrone first tried out the ThinPrint Engine with the ThinPrint Client on PCs in a branch office. Then followed a test with the ThinPrint Hub. Enda Mulchrone went on to say: “As soon as we got set up, everything worked perfectly.” ThinPrint Hubs were then installed in all six branches. “We had to reset the user profile once because it prevented default printers from being set,” said Mr. Mulchrone. “We now have a stable and fast printing environment.” The General Manager recalled that previously, employees sometimes had to wait 10 or even 30 minutes for their printouts, especially when printing remotely. It was a nightmare for both the general manager and employees.

When he thinks about how many hours he previously spent managing printers combined with the increased productivity his employees have since gained, he is confident that ThinPrint paid for itself within just a few months.

Also, with the ThinPrint Connection Service, printing via VPN is no longer necessary. With the Connection Service, print data is securely transmitted to the printers in masked networks, even without a need for a VPN. So, when it comes to printing, expensive VPNs can be eliminated.

And when the company expands in the future, ThinPrint can also be used in any additional remote offices. And mobile printing might be on the agenda.

Enda Mulchrone summed up by saying, “Previously without ThinPrint we had to spend hundreds of hours on printer administration, and now we’re very happy.”

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