Perfect Print Management for Service Providers

Regardless of whether you offer your customers hosted desktop solutions or industry-specific applications as a SaaS package, your customers expect fast and reliable printouts when using your cloud services just like they are used to with a local PC. With ThinPrint, you expand the range of your services to include the market-leading print management solution for professional hosting environments and provide your customers with efficient printing.

These service providers are already using ThinPrint.

High customer satisfaction levels from expanded service offering

Expand your hosting services with a high-performance, secure, and affordable print solution. The users get high-quality and fast printouts, guaranteed even if using advanced features or special fonts.

“For us as a service provider, ThinPrint is an ideal and essential part of our product portfolio as printing is extremely important for our customers.”
David Peyrou, Coaxis ASP

High customer satisfaction levels from expanded service offering

Simple administration

Simple print administration thanks to ThinPrint

With ThinPrint Driver Free Printing, you can integrate your customers’ printers without having to know their printer models or install drivers in your hosting environment. If desired, you can also take over the central print management for your customers.

“ThinPrint technology helps us guarantee great user experience also when it comes to printing. We were also able to drastically reduce printer administration. The simple licensing model has allowed us to grow from just a few to many users without administration overhead.”
Mark O’Dell, Connect

Optimized transmission of the print jobs

Print jobs are transmitted at the highest levels of compression and optimized for the available bandwidth. ThinPrint’s industry-leading compression rates ensure that amounts of print data transmitted are kept to minimum without any impact on quality. Thanks to connection-oriented bandwidth management, you always have full control over how much bandwidth you want to allocate for the print data stream. In addition, SpeedCache and streaming ensure printouts are delivered rapidly.

“For us as a service provider, system reliability is the deciding factor. Our customers rightly demand stable applications together with fast and reliable printing. With ThinPrint, both these things work excellently, even with large print jobs.”
Heimon Hinze , Dr. Netik & Partner GmbH

Optimized transmission of the print jobs

Security guaranteed

ThinPrint ensures high print security

ThinPrint also guarantees the highest levels of security when printing. Print jobs are transmitted securely thanks to SSL encryption, ensuring even confidential documents are fully protected. ThinPrint’s Secure Tunnel also enables secure printing without a VPN. In addition, you can offer your customers user-authenticated pull printing. ThinPrint’s Personal Printing solution only allows the user to collect a print job once he authenticates directly at the printer – for example via a mobile device. Should emergencies occur resulting in the loss of print servers, then they can be very quickly and to a large extent, automatically restored, thanks to ThinPrint (disaster recovery).

Flexible architecture

ThinPrint is always the right solution – regardless of whether you provide applications or desktops based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services/VDI or additionally with Citrix or VMware technology, whether you or your customers are also using print servers, and whether printing via RDP, ICA/HDX, PCoIP or TCP/IP to network or local printers. If required, the solution even creates a print tunnel from the client side in order to print in masked networks or integrates external print streams (e.g. from a SAP Unix server) into the virtual channel as well as many more options.

To offer seamless printing in Azure Virtual Desktop environments, cloud service providers can choose between the ThinPrint Cloud Print Server, the cloud-optimized print server for the private cloud, and ThinPrint’s cloud printing solution ezeep Blue, which provides a universal SaaS print server for the AVD infrastructure.

ThinPrint enables a flexible print architecture

ThinPrint is device-independent

ThinPrint is device-independent

ThinPrint allows printing in all its diversity, regardless of whether your customers use Windows PCs, Macs, laptops, thin/zero clients, tablets or smartphones. Thanks to the Mobile Session Print feature, customers can even print with iPhones and iPads from Windows sessions. ThinPrint also fully supports all 32 bit/64 bit mixed environments.

“For our customers, frequent and large print jobs are business critical. We are pleased that as a cloud provider we can offer fast and reliable printing thanks to ThinPrint. Additionally, the solution fully meets all of our needs when it comes to flexibility and security.”
Philipp Reif, S&U Software

No barriers to entry and free support services

ThinPrint offers not just versatile printing technology, but also particularly attractive license models for service providers. With the Annual License Model, ThinPrint can be hosted for a small monthly fee, without any contractual obligations, making it an ideal printing solution for smaller environments. Large environments however, significantly benefit from simple, usage-based billing and the high levels of scalability that are inherent in the ThinPrint software. As part of the Service Provider Program, you receive free support for all retrieved licenses.

“We are happy that we provide a complete solution for the virtual office with ThinPrint, offering exceptional print performance. In addition, the license model available with ThinPrint offers us flexibility and is very economical for us.”
David Peru, Systéame

No barriers to entry and free ThinPrint support services

Multi Tenancy

The ThinPrint license server is multi-client capable.

Thanks to the ThinPrint license server’s multi-client capability, service providers benefit from advantages such as cost-efficient consolidation, enhanced capacity utilization and continuous cost savings. With only one ThinPrint license server, you have an instant overview of all your customer licenses, allowing them to be managed efficiently from a central console. Each of your customer naturally only has access to the users of the own domain.

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