ThinPrint Engine 12

With ThinPrint 12, we have further improved our print management solution and developed powerful features, which provide stable and highly available printing environments.

High Availability 2.0

Prevent Spooler Failures Thanks to Early Warning System

Spooler problems can often be identified on print servers long in advance and even before the spool process fails, these problems can delay printing. That’s why ThinPrint is now going one step further and establishing an early warning system for spooler problems. For this purpose, the spool system speed is measured regularly and if certain thresholds are exceeded, print jobs are transferred to another server. This ensures any negative impact on the printing infrastructure is already averted at an early stage.

Prevent spooler failures thanks to early warning system
Quickly resolve endpoint spooler issues

Gain an Overview of All Your Endpoint Spoolers

Local print servers and desktop spoolers also affect printing. With ThinPrint 12, IT administrators get a central overview of the status of these components allowing suitable steps to be taken in time.

Achieve Instant High Availability via Group Policies

High availability is achieved quickly thanks to all settings being instantly distributed to all servers via GPOs. This ensures a significantly easier print environment configuration. The use of these device-specific group policies does not cause a login delay for users, as is sometimes the case with user-specific GPOs.

Configure high availability via Group Policy.
Fail-safe ThinPrint Secure Tunnel

Failsafe ThinPrint Secure Tunnel

ThinPrint establishes a tunnel from branch offices to a company’s headquarters to ensure secure transfer of print data. With ThinPrint 12, this can now be automatically operated in high availability mode. If a secure tunnel is no longer able to guarantee seamless printing, another tunnel automatically takes over. And thanks to load distribution, print jobs are dynamically distributed to the tunnels. The ThinPrint Secure Tunnel thus ensures the failsafe, encrypted transmission of all print jobs.

Thanks to advanced performance improvements to ThinPrint’s secure printing tunnel, employees in organizations with branch offices or with large print volumes now print even faster than ever before.

Multi Tenancy

Thanks to the ThinPrint license server’s new multi-client capability, not just service providers, but also businesses with multiple subsidiaries or affiliates benefit from advantages such as cost-efficient consolidation, enhanced capacity utilization and continuous cost savings.

With only one ThinPrint license server, service providers have an instant overview of all their customer licenses, allowing them to be managed efficiently from a central console. This also applies to IT departments managing multiple locations or a group structure. Each customer, location or subsidiary naturally only has access to the users of its own domain.

The ThinPrint license server is now multitenant.

Further Print Management Improvements

A universal installer for all environments makes ThinPrint installation particularly convenient.

Install ThinPrint Now Even Easier

A single ThinPrint Engine installer covers all environments, whether you are using Remote Desktop Session Host as well as virtual desktops including Citrix virtual desktops or VMware desktop solutions like VMware Horizon. ThinPrint 12 is quick and easy to install in under 30 minutes.

Dynamic Licensing & Active Directory Synchronization

ThinPrint licenses can now be synchronized even more granularly with Active Directory users. If desired, employees deactivated in AD, and not just deleted, can be removed from the ThinPrint license server with just one click. Released licenses can be therefore utilized far more efficiently. If required, usernames or email addresses which have changed in AD, are also updated in the management console.

Dynamic synchronization of ThinPrint licenses with Active Directory
Printer Self Service is particularly user-friendly thanks to printer groups.

Printer Self Service Now Even More Transparent

Printers can now be grouped by location during setup. These printer groups can also be activated for the Printer Self Service now. This means that users can find their printers even faster and IT support is relieved.

Comprehensive System Support

ThinPrint 12 supports the IPv6 protocol, even in pure IPv6 environments. The current TLS 1.3 encryption standard is used to ensure that security requirements are fully met. ThinPrint 12 offers broad support for Windows operating systems, including Windows Server 2019, Windows 10 Multi-Session and Windows Server 2008 R2 and later, as well as Windows 7 and later.

ThinPrint offers comprehensive system support & security

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