Printing with added value

Through the perfect combination of numerous innovative and constantly improved features, ThinPrint has revolutionized printing. The proven print solution gives companies cost-effective printing and the best printing support for all business processes.

High availability for printing

Many business processes are still dependent on printing. The elimination of the print server cluster feature with Windows Server 2012 means though that important protection when printing is no longer available. ThinPrint bridges this gap with its easy-to-implement solution for high availability printing. Load balancing and failover for print servers and clients ensures reliable enterprise printing.

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High Availability for Printing with ThinPrint
Radical reduction of the IT budget

Radical reduction of the IT budget

Printing is one of the most expensive IT components in general – and not only because of paper and toner costs. At present, there are about 10,000 different printer drivers. But even that isn’t enough. Thanks to new architectures with virtual and remote desktops as well as various mobile devices, numerous additional printer drivers, print methods and print applications are expected of IT administrators and users, which further increase the administration and support effort.

Not so with ThinPrint. The user-friendly print solution provides a printer driver for all environments and every printer. In a standardized and clearly laid out print dialog box, the user can instantly find the desired print function, including finishing options. Administrators no long have to worry about print-related help desk calls or driver conflicts. Printing has never been so simple and convenient to support.

Maximum performance through perfect compression

In addition to constantly growing data traffic, massive streams of print data often put a strain on the corporate network. If in the past it was primarily WAN connections, today it is increasingly Wi-Fi networks that come up against the limits of their bandwidth. In order to avoid bottlenecks, compression of the print data is indispensable. With ThinPrint’s adaptive compression, companies can reduce their print data volume by up to 98%. And not only for application protocols like RDP and ICA/HDX, but also for the most often used TCP/IP. ThinPrint compresses print jobs even when they are transmitted through shared printers or initiated from native drivers.

Whether printing in branch offices or over Wi-Fi connections within company headquarters – the print data is always reduced as much as possible. In addition, connection-oriented bandwidth management provides full control over the bandwidth actually used. Since the bandwidth for printing can be limited for each connection or branch office, print data can never exceed the specified bandwidth, not even when a lot of employees print large documents at the same time. The results are fast printouts and substantially less strain on the entire corporate network.

Maximum performance through perfect compression
Eliminate unnecessary print servers

Lower costs through server consolidation

ThinPrint processes all print jobs through a central print server. This takes the strain off the application servers and virtual desktops and guarantees that printing doesn’t constrain other processes within the IT infrastructure. ThinPrint allows companies to consolidate their print servers and save on costs because local print servers in the branch offices are no longer necessary. One single server at headquarters takes over the entire management of the print landscape.

Thanks to server consolidation, companies can drastically reduce their hardware and operating costs and better utilize their existing IT resources. Reducing the number of servers also significantly lowers energy use.

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Complete control of the print costs

The ThinPrint Tracking Service monitors the entire print environment and records company-wide printing activities. This component allows you to match up print jobs and paper use to individual printers and user groups. The print-related information it gathers can be analyzed flexibly and in detail via a web browser.

Companies can determine the main cause of high print costs and identify corresponding savings potential in a clear, graphical design. Based on that, capacities can be better utilized and hardware used more efficiently. The ThinPrint Tracking Service meets internal and external compliance and auditing requirements in all industries.

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Complete control of the print costs thanks to ThinPrint's Tracking Service
Highest security for all print jobs

Highest security for all print jobs

Every print job is a potential security risk for companies. That’s why ThinPrint sends print data TLS/SSL-encrypted and in this way always reliably protects sensitive business documents. This allows companies to save on expensive VPN connections for branch and home offices. Using printers with integrated ThinPrint technology even guarantees powerful end-to-end encryption.

With ThinPrint’s pull printing solution, Personal Printing, companies also increase the print security because print jobs cannot be carried out until the employee authenticates himself at the printer.

Connect branch and home offices simply and affordably

With ThinPrint, branch offices can be integrated efficiently into the existing IT structures and can be managed centrally and affordably. Even if there are no leased lines or VPN connections, employees always print reliably on printers in branch offices. Not even multi-level firewalls and masked networks present printing obstacles for ThinPrint.

ThinPrint Secure Tunnel ensures that all print jobs are delivered securely – even if line breaks occur, and ThinPrint Hub replaces local print servers in branch offices. Local printers at home offices can be integrated into the corporate network just as easily. Features such as the adaptive ThinPrint compression or automatic printer mapping always deliver high-performance printing to employees anywhere by remote access.

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Connect branch and home offices simply and affordably
Flexible work styles thanks to mobile and cloud printing

Flexible work styles thanks to mobile and cloud printing

More and more employees work while on the go and from home offices or they use personal devices for business matters. ThinPrint optimally supports these flexible work styles with mobile printing and true cloud printing. The hardware-independent solution lets users print anytime and anywhere with devices of their choice.

Regardless of whether employees access desktops and corporate data from an iPad via a Citrix session or from an Android smartphone with desktop sharing software or whether they want to print documents from smartphones and tablets to a user-defined printer model – ThinPrint always ensures the mobility, ease and flexibility of printing.

Higher-performance hardware with integrated ThinPrint technology

One particular advantage of the ThinPrint technology is its broad hardware support. Over 80% of thin clients on the market already support ThinPrint. Well-known printer and print server manufacturers have also integrated the ThinPrint client software into their hardware. Such printers can be addressed as network printers without additional administration effort and thus allow direct processing of the highly compressed ThinPrint print data. Other ThinPrint features such as print data encryption are also available end-to-end to the printer, even when using virtual desktops. ThinPrint certifies highly recommended devices with the “ThinPrint Certified” seal of quality.

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Higher-performance hardware with integrated ThinPrint technology
Trouble-free batch printing when using host systems

Trouble-free batch printing when using host systems

Many companies use Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Hosts or Citrix Virtual Desktops to access enterprise applications such as ERP, PPS or CRM systems. When using host systems, however, printing quickly becomes an ordeal. That’s why ThinPrint integrates externally generated print streams (such as batch printing, SAP print jobs) smoothly into Citrix Virtual Apps (Citrix XenApp) or Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host environments and guarantees secure transmission over the ICA/HDX or RDP channel.

With ThinPrint, companies are ready to meet all the print management challenges that a host system architecture presents. With ThinPrint, you can even master printing host print jobs in Citrix environments on local printers.

More efficient workflows through finishing and more

Companies strive to make daily workflows efficient – that goes for printing too. Multi-function printers, which save employees from manually finishing printouts, are a great help. However, many virtualization solutions don’t support finishing options at all; only basic print functions are displayed to the users.

With ThinPrint’s virtual printer driver – the ThinPrint Output Gateway – finishing options can be used conveniently in any IT environment. In a standardized and clearly laid out print dialog box, employees can easily find the finishing options hole-punch, staples and binding. Thanks to ThinPrint, companies are using the full range of functions of their multi-function printers.

Time and money can also be saved with VirtualCopy. With just one click, one document is sent in different copies to up to five printers at the same time. In this way, print processes are automated and workflows simplified, whether in accounting, logistics, or the archiving of agreements and other important documents.

More efficient workflows through finishing
ThinPrint and Mac – A Powerful Duo

ThinPrint & Mac – A Powerful Duo

Mac computers can be easily and conveniently integrated into your ThinPrint printing environment. Whether in Windows or Citrix environments, with or without a central print server – the ThinPrint Client Mac benefits companies through the numerous advantages that are included in the ThinPrint solution. All ThinPrint features are offered, ranging from the unique data compression technology to connection-oriented bandwidth limitation and automatic printer mapping as well as Driver Free Printing thanks to ThinPrint V-Layer™.

A distinct advantage for Mac users in home or branch offices is that the installation of the client requires only a few clicks and printers assigned to the Mac are automatically mapped to the terminal session. They can then print instantly from a XenApp or XenDesktop session via ICA to their locally installed printers. This is even possible when the rendering of print jobs is relocated to a print server. Alternatively, printing via TCP/IP is also possible.

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