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Professional IT environments demand solid and reliable print management. ThinPrint guarantees this with its cross-platform print solution. ThinPrint optimizes print management in all environments – regardless of whether you are using virtualization solutions such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View or even physical desktops.

Simple print management for every environment

Simple print management for every environment

With ThinPrint, IT departments are getting an easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage centralized print system that optimally fits into the existing IT landscape. ThinPrint processes all print jobs through a central print server. This unburdens the application server and virtual desktops and ensures that printing doesn’t constrain any other processes within the IT environment. Administrators benefit from the high scalability and the flexible integration of new technologies and systems whenever the IT architecture is to be replaced or upgraded. With ThinPrint, IT departments always have full control of the entire print environment.

Noticeably fewer help desk calls

There are many universal printer drivers, but there is only one ThinPrint Output Gateway. While universal printer drivers are designed either only for some printers or only some environments, ThinPrint Output Gateway is based on more than a decade of experience with tens of thousands of enterprise customers and millions of printers in diverse environments. No other solution today supports more printers than ThinPrint. Only the ThinPrint Output Gateway is truly universally compatible – with all printers from any manufacturer, all protocols, and regardless of whether on print servers, application servers, physical or virtual desktops. ThinPrint’s virtual driver provides a standardized and user-friendly interface for all printers and in all application scenarios. Thanks to ThinPrint, there are neither print problems nor helpless users – the IT administration can sit back and relax.

Noticeably fewer help desk calls
No printer driver problems thanks to ThinPrint's Driver Free Printing

Driver Free Printing: never again bother with printer drivers

Thanks to the V-Layer technology and a virtual printer driver, the ThinPrint Output Gateway, administrators can keep physical and virtual desktops as well as terminal servers free of native printer drivers. These are kept only on the central print server. And with that, ThinPrint puts an end to the laborious setup and management of printer drivers – and with full support of all print options. It doesn’t matter whether new printers are to be added, PCs replaced with virtual desktops, or new employees, home offices, small or large branch offices integrated into the corporate IT – all changes and adjustments can be made quickly and easily with ThinPrint. Even if no Windows clients, but rather thin clients or print boxes are being used or if printing directly to network printers, IT administrators will benefit from the centralized management of printer drivers and all other Driver Free Printing advantages.

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Easy printer allocation thanks to automatic printer mapping

ThinPrint AutoConnect enables fast printer allocation in all – particularly in session-based – desktop environments. The component makes setting up extensive print landscapes smoother, so that administrators can easily make the right network printers and local printers available with the right settings depending on the client, user, location or connection. A special configuration table, the Dynamic Printer Matrix, takes over the printer mapping according to IP address room, for example, or assigns printers through AD user groups. Printers can be given certain properties by template. For example, you can limit the bandwidth for all printers in the home office. ThinPrint AutoConnect can be configured particularly easily through group policies.

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Easy printer allocation thanks to ThinPrint's automatic printer mapping
Dynamic, automated printer management for complex environments

Dynamic, automated printer management for complex environments

ThinPrint Management Center and ThinPrint Management Services give IT administrators a complete overview of all company printers at a mouse-click. Whether installation of printer drivers, the creation of network printers, or the remote administration of print servers – ThinPrint takes over the entire setup and automatic adjustment of the printer landscape. Thanks to the database-based, central printer management, the IT department can always react flexibly and quickly to comprehensive changes in the corporate structure.

Connection-oriented bandwidth management

Thanks to the connection-oriented bandwidth management, companies always have full control of the bandwidth actually used and can optimally use their WAN/Wi-Fi connections. IT administrators simply define how much maximum bandwidth should be available for printing per connection or branch office. This offers clear advantages over simple, user-based methods for limiting bandwidth. Even if a lot of employees print large documents at the same time, the print data can never exceed the specified bandwidth. In addition, users have the ability to reduce the bandwidth additionally on the client side to increase application performance.

Connection-oriented bandwidth management

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