Efficient and user-friendly printing in all environments

ThinPrint is synonymous with easy printing. The solution guarantees that users always print reliably, quickly and securely – regardless of the size of the company or the application scenario and regardless of which devices are used.

Flexible printing with ThinPrint Printer Self Service

Flexible printing with ThinPrint Printer Self Service

Thanks to ThinPrint Printer Self Service, employees now print more flexibly than ever before. With the user-friendly Printer Self Service they easily add printers to the pre-assigned ones. Staff can find newly acquired printers, printers with certain print options or printers which they wish to use while visiting a branch office via a simple printer search. Users enjoy this newly gained flexibility when printing while IT administrators benefit from a reduced number of helpdesk requests and workload.

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Print simply in any situation

Printing should always be simple and user-friendly. That’s why ThinPrint provides all users with a standardized and clearly laid out print dialog box for all environments and every printer. It lets users find the desired print function immediately – including finishing options such as hole-punch, staples, and binding and other enhanced functions. ThinPrint facilitates high-performance office printing and optimally supports efficient workflows.

More efficient workflows through finishing
Mobile printing from remote and virtual desktop sessions with ThinPrint Mobile Print

Mobile Printing from Remote and Virtual Desktop Sessions

With the increasing prevalence of iPads and iPhones in businesses, the number of users who work with their mobile devices in a session and access enterprise applications continues to grow significantly. ThinPrint developed the ThinPrint Mobile Print component to enable such employees to print directly from remote and virtual desktop sessions to local, AirPrint-enabled printers. Whether Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon or Microsoft Remote Desktop – ThinPrint Mobile Print allows iOS users to print directly from remote apps, virtual desktops, and any other Windows-based session. Thanks to push notifications, the user is guided easily through the printing process without having to leave the session. Direct mobile session printing – in home offices, when visiting branch offices, in meeting rooms or on construction sites.

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Print reliably with the fastest print solution in the world

Only one thing counts for the user: printouts that are delivered fast and without difficulty. ThinPrint meets this demand with fast printouts that maintain high print quality. With other print solutions, the users must wait on their printout until the entire print job has been processed. ThinPrint works differently. Here the printout is started immediately thanks to streaming and the first page is already being printed while the rest of the print job is still being transmitted. Additional technologies such as SpeedCache, which reduces the server-client communication, and intelligent font management also speed up the printing. Thus, ThinPrint avoids the repeated launching of print jobs due to long waiting times.

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Print reliably with the fastest print solution in the world
Access to the right printer anytime and anywhere thanks to ThinPrint

Access to the right printer anytime and anywhere

Users want to print simply – at company headquarters, in the branch office, the home office or when mobile. ThinPrint AutoConnect uses automatic printer mapping to ensure that employees can use the printer in a remote session or when accessing their virtualized desktop in the same way as if they were printing locally. And, even in environments in which users connect with a target computer through multiple sessions (session-in-session), the automatic creation of printers is optimally supported. The print jobs are simply passed through multiple sessions. No matter how employees spend their workday, which devices they use or where their enterprise applications are running – thanks to ThinPrint, the desired printers with all print functions are always available to them.

Simplified workflows thanks to VirtualCopy

The VirtualCopy feature has significantly simplified printing again. With just one click, the user sends one document in different copies to up to five printers at the same time. This, for example, allows him to send a copy of an order to accounting and order processing simultaneously. Or, with just one click, he generates a paper printout and a PDF file in parallel. Thanks to these automated print processes, companies save time and money – whether in accounting, logistics, or the archiving of agreements and other important documents.

Simplified workflows thanks to VirtualCopy

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