Hamburg Companies Print Securely, Reliably and Quickly From the Cloud

Hamburg Companies Print Securely, Reliably and Quickly From the Cloud

IT works! provides companies in Hamburg, Germany with flexible cloud computing infrastructure. Special emphasis is placed on a sophisticated security concept. Customers access services in the cloud quickly and securely via Citrix technology. As printing is an essential office activity, customers also required flawless and secure printing, even from complex processes.

The Solution:

IT works! integrated ThinPrint technology into their desktop-as-a-service offering. The use of ThinPrint technology was essential in order to meet their high standards of security. Only one additional port needs to be opened for local printers, therefore ensuring optimal security. Print data is also SSL-encrypted. Thanks to Driver Free Printing, IT works! also saves on the installation and extensive management of customers’ printer drivers on their server. With print data compression and connection-oriented bandwidth control, fast and reliable Citrix printing is guaranteed.

“The ThinPrint solution is an excellent addition to our desktop-as-a-service products, as printing plays an important role for our customers. We can now offer our customers secure and comprehensive cloud services.”

Lars Sommerfeldt, Business Development Manager at IT works! Consulting


  • Industry: Cloud-based service provider
  • Solution: ThinPrint
  • Environment: Microsoft Remote Desktop Services with Citrix XenApp

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