Medical Center Saves Time and Costs

Optimal Printing for medical center

CarolinaEast was looking to replace many of its physical desktops with thin clients and centrally manage applications and desktops. A solution was needed to securely deliver applications and desktops to thin clients for 2000 users.

“The combined Citrix & ThinPrint solutions has allowed CarolinaEast to securely deliver applications and desktops to 2000 users with optimal printing on a diverse fleet of 400 printers across 20+ locations.”

David McKeon, Citrix Administrator

Solution – Read more about how David overcame his printing challenges

The new thin client workstations and the remaining physical desktops shared a diverse fleet of 400 printers across 20+ locations. Carolina East was looking to simplify Citrix printing as much as they were looking to simplify the delivery of applications resulting in an ability to realize additional cost savings during this technology refresh.

ThinPrint has allowed CarolinaEast to further leverage the delivery of apps and data with Citrix and save of $25,000 per year (largely made up of overtime costs) and an estimated time savings of 40 hours a month for their administrators from print optimization alone. ThinPrint provides fast and stable printing, and has eliminated driver conflicts, making overall printing more efficient for employees.

ThinPrint has been deployed for 9 months and both employees and admins are satisfied especially with the speed of their print jobs.

The best part about using ThinPrint is that there is “a single print driver for all your environments. Print jobs spool and print within seconds from anywhere in your network.” With print server consolidation the administrative burden is significantly less. “I like having a single place to rename printers.”

The ThinPrint Engine enables reliable and fast printing for all employees’ printers. With the time and money saved, CarolinaEast has been able to work more efficiently and spend less time on printing and technical issues with printers.

“ThinPrint has helped us achieve our goals in providing a more reliable print environment utilizing a single driver. We are very satisfied with our investment in ThinPrint!”


CarolinaEast is a 350 bed, full service facility housing a complete compliment of inpatient and outpatient services. In addition to comfortable medical/surgical areas, the medical center has dedicated units for heart care, critical care, surgical care and cancer care.

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