Medical Center Heals Printing Problems with ThinPrint

Successful printing with ThinPrint in medical facilities

ZIAM provides primary care to its patients at three locations. The software needed for daily work is provided via Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. When practitioners logged in to the PCs in the treatment rooms or at reception, they did not see the right printers. The client was unable to achieve a satisfactory result by using the Microsoft group policies. In addition, the software in use requires a set printer name.

The Solution:

The ThinPrint Engine runs on one print server. Here the printers of the individual rooms were created. Assigning the printers to the clients in the treatment rooms is controlled by ThinPrint AutoConnect. In addition, ThinPrint Hubs ensure the easy connection of the printers on site at the individual locations.

The Result:

All practitioners can now use the right printer in all rooms.

“Since we started using the ThinPrint solution, the printing runs smoothly at all locations and in every room. That was exactly what we needed.”

-Dr. Christopher Wild, Internist and Partner


  • Industry: Health care
  • Solution: ThinPrint Engine & ThinPrint Hub
  • Environment: Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

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