Construction Company Improves Printing Performance

Construction Company Improves Printing Performance

Kokosing redesigned their virtual desktops and switched to Microsoft 2012 R2 RemoteApps. “The built in printing functionality left much to be desired. Things would print, but it would take forever to complete a simple print job.” said John Gallucci III, Senior Technical Support Technician at Kokosing Industrial. They were “looking to improve printing performance as well as give a better RemoteApp experience for the end user”.

Solution – How Kokosing overcame their printing challenges
Since ThinPrint was set up “all we have to do is make sure that the end user PC has the ThinPrint client installed, usually via Microsoft System Center and they are ready to go.”

The environment now has quick, stable printing, high productivity, and great print quality. With ThinPrint being deployed for over a year, John has found many other benefits too, such as an improved bottom line, trouble-free batch printing, and the elimination of driver conflicts. “Not having to worry about matching printer drivers from the server to the desktop is a great advantage. It makes our jobs a lot easier not messing with driver issues.”

“I now have the ability to do a print preview out of ThinPrint and access the local printer properties of the workstation. This allows greater flexibility for print jobs.” ThinPrint has made John’s life simpler and has made employees “happy campers” when they are able to successfully print their reports.

“We have saved thousands of dollars with ThinPrint mostly because we were able to change from our previous environment.” With better printing, Kokosing has been able to be more productive. “We rarely have issues with ThinPrint, and when we do, ThinPrint support has been very responsive to solve the problem.”

“ThinPrint is easy to install, has low CPU impact on servers and client workstations and most importantly, it just works!”

John Gallucci III, Senior Technicial Support Technician

About Kokosing:
Kokosing is a construction company with a fleet of over 450 pieces of equipment. Kokosing’s hands-on experience and equipment enables the project team to have the right people and equipment on the job when it is needed. This flexibility maximizes their productivity and allows them to complete the job on time. Projects include highways, bridges and water treatment plants.


  • Sector/industry: Construction
  • Solution: ThinPrint Engine
  • IT Infrastructure: Physical Desktops, Branch Offices

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