Stable Printing for Eleven Branch Offices


Stark Truss, a manufacturer of wooden components for the construction industry, has been optimizing its printing processes with ThinPrint since 2007

Stark Truss, founded in 1963, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wood components for the construction industry. The company supplies large multi-family and commercial developments, single-family track and custom homes, and agricultural buildings, with its resources providing expertise to almost any construction project. With locations in Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, and New York, Stark Truss operates throughout most of the Eastern US.

To support its multiple locations, the company used Remote Desktop servers to allow them to access the apps they need at the corporate headquarters.

Paul Schwarz, IT Manager at Stark Truss explains: “We had a lot of issues printing from our RDS servers, lots of drivers to load, mismatched drivers, and other printing problems that would require us to reboot servers at least once a month. We adopted ThinPrint around 2007. It allowed me to make printing painless for the users and solved most of our printing problems.”

Mr. Schwarz notes that the use of ThinPrint gives him and his colleagues time back to concentrate on more critical issues.

He summarizes by saying: “It’s a good product and worth what we paid. We have had very few issues. It’s one of the solutions I didn’t regret purchasing and I can only name a handful.”