Charity Organisation Achieves Simplified Workflows

Charity Organisation accomplishes simplified workflows with ThinPrint

The Charity organisation’s offices and shops around the state needed to be able to print documents from the main Citrix farm in Sydney. However, driver management across the server farm and the available bandwidth disrupted or prevented Citrix printing. In addition, simplified workflows should reduce the administrative burden significantly.

The Solution:

The ThinPrint Engine on the Citrix servers enabled reliable and fast printing on all customer’s printers.

The Result:

All printing processes have been significantly improved.

“Using the ThinPrint Engine has made an enormous difference to printing especially from regional offices with limited connectivity. We have been extremely happy with the product and one of my favorite aspects of the solution is that you can set it and forget it – It just works. We received assistance in setting up the application from ThinPrint and can only praise their technical expertise – They know their stuff!”

Reza Ghashghaie, Operations Team


  • Industry: Non-profit organization
  • Solution: ThinPrint Engine
  • Partner: Ethan Group

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