Seamless Printing from Terminal Servers Increases Productivity at Insurance Company

Seamless Printing Increases Productivity at Engle Martin

Before ThinPrint, the biggest issue was compressing the print jobs from the terminal servers back to the branch office users. Additionally, there were native driver issues. Engle Martin was looking to achieve seamless printing from terminal servers to the branch offices while only consuming a fraction of the bandwidth that they currently were.

“There are not a lot of players in the market for what they do, but ThinPrint has the best compression and bandwidth throttling. I have used it for many years, and have been impressed with how we can send large print jobs across the country and not affect our overall network.”

Ted Voyles, Jr. Support Desk Tech

Solution – Read more about how Ted overcame his printing challenges

Engle Martin’s printing environment is mostly comprised of terminal servers accessed in branch or home offices. ThinPrint has been deployed for over 8 years and is used by 520 employees.

After the installation of ThinPrint “it has allowed us to alleviate the burden of installing printer drivers on servers, and end users’ computers. 150 printers are able to be managed and accessed from one location.”

“ThinPrint has provided server stability in our printing environment, helping to save time and increase productivity.”

With ThinPrint Management Center admins can control the print environment from a centralized location, especially useful with a majority of Engle Martin’s employees using terminal services.

With ThinPrint’s high compression rates and bandwidth conservation, Engle Martin has quicker, more stable printing and higher print quality. “The bandwidth compression cannot be matched by anyone else.” Employees “are happy that they are able to print without it slowing down the network.” ThinPrint has helped save time and increase overall productivity.

ThinPrint has improved the printing environment and has fixed the native driver issues that Engle Martin was encountering. Ted is very satisfied with his investment in ThinPrint and happy with how much time he is able to save.


  • Industry: Insurance
  • Solution: ThinPrint Engine
  • Environment: Microsoft Remote Desktop Services


In 1997, Engle Martin & Associates was formed with a comprehensive business philosophy: to provide the best insurance claim adjustment results in the industry, present the most talented personnel, foster an innovative and professional leadership team, and develop client-focused technology. Today, with 59 offices and 600+ employees, Engle Martin is a national company that continues to set new standards for the industry. By fully engaging with our clients, we develop customized, result-oriented solutions that not only satisfy, but also surpass the industry’s claims needs.

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