Pacific National improves branch office printing with ThinPrint Engine, Hub and Print Self-Service

Challenge: Pacific National is Australia’s largest private rail freight operator with depots and sites across Australia. The Pacific National business required a printing solution that could work across low bandwidth WAN links in regional areas without impacting the virtual desktop experience.

It was found that performing printing with media rich docs including photos, PDFs and Word documents would use a significant amount of bandwidth and adversely impact the virtual desktop experience. In addition, mapping of new printers was a task that often required Service Desk support.

Solution: ThinPrint was utilised to overcome the print performance issue by compressing print jobs and protecting bandwidth. Thin Print’s auto-mapping function was then used to solve the challenge of mapping printers for users that roam between sites.

The solution deployed at Pacific National required the ThinPrint Engine to be installed on 2x centrally located Print Servers together with a ThinPrint Hub at every remote branch. This configuration has enabled reliable and fast printing to all Pacific National sites.

With ThinPrint Print Self Service, employees can now setup additional printers autonomously, via a user-friendly web-based interface, without requiring Service Desk assistance.

Result: All printing processes have been significantly improved with much faster branch office printing and preserved bandwidth for the virtual desktop.

Customer feedback: “Using the ThinPrint Hub together with ThinPrint Engine and Printer Self-Service has made an enormous difference to printing, especially to our remote branches with limited bandwidth.

We are very happy with the product.  It greatly improves printing performance, and the highly available configuration has enabled us to perform maintenance on our print servers without business disruption. It also negated the need for increased bandwidth eliminating this additional cost.

Working together with resources from ThinPrint and Thomas Duryea Logicalis has made the implementation of the ThinPrint solution in our environment an easy experience despite this being a significant change to the businesses printing operation.”

Wilbur Palijo, IT Technical Lead – End User Computing, Pacific National Group


  • Sector/Industry: Rail Freight Solutions
  • Solution: ThinPrint Hub, ThinPrint Engine with Print Self Service
  • Environment: Citrix XenApp
  • Partner: Thomas Duryea Logicalis

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