IT Company Relies on ThinPrint for Hosted Desktop

Case Study: Connect Support Services Ltd

Connect’s hosted desktop is like using the same desktop as before, except it is available anywhere, including applications that don’t offer a cloud version. Printing is an important functionality for the user experience. At the same time Connect has many non-standard desktop users with various connection speeds and all sorts of printer set-ups, creating a lot of special requirements for printing.

The Solution:

Most important to Connect were ThinPrint’s performance features like compression, bandwidth control and streaming. Driver Free Printing was also put in place to avoid cumbersome administration of customer’s printers and printer driver incompatibilities.

The Result:

Connect’s promised seamless hosted desktop experience also applies to the print functionality. Connect customers get fast and reliable printing and session performance. Connect was able to cut the administrative work load.

“ThinPrint technology helps us guarantee great user experience also when it comes to printing. We were also able to drastically reduce printer administration. The simple licensing model has allowed us to grow from just a few to many users without administration overhead.“

Mark O’Dell, Chief Executive, Connect


Connect offers cloud, IT support and business continuity services. Connect has been providing IT services since 1993. The company has grown rapidly to become one of the leading providers for small and mid sized enterprises across the UK. Connect was ranked as a Virgin Fast-Track 100 business, having received acclaim in the national media for its fixed price solutions.

Connect first started using ThinPrint solutions in 2010 for a single server (using ThinPrint RDP Engine). The environment grew quickly to several servers. In 2012 due to expanding customer base (in site and type) this was no longer enough. ThinPrint’s UK consulting team assisted in updating and upgrading the printing solution to ThinPrint Engine. Connect is ThinPrint Service Provider and billed on a monthly basis on actual use, currently with approx. 1000 users.

Connect Support Services Ltd
30 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9TP
[email protected]
Phone: 020 7517 2000

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