On Board in Time: Airline Speeds Up Check-In

ThinPrint Engine enables fast and efficient printing for Ryanair

The client based system for crews to check in etc. necessitated changes to be completed manually on all clients around the European crew network. Ryanair wanted to introduce a centralized 2008 Terminal Server farm to consolidate this process. As printed documents are a legal requirement for crew, and to ensure delays are minimized, fast and efficient printing is necessary across the varied base WAN connections around Europe.

The Solution:

The ThinPrint Engine enables real time, reliable, disruption-free printing across the TS farm client connections. Its power to allow Ryanair to geographically split “bases” into units means that controlling bandwidth for printing based on IP range is very successful.

The Result:

NebCrew application has been centralized and strictly controlled to change requests, and is uniform across the network. Lead time to build, configure & ship a client PC from Dublin to a European base has significantly improved.

“The ThinPrint Engine allowed us to proceed with the Terminal Server project to centralize our crew application into a 2008 TS Farm. This significantly reduced IT setup cost, and increased client delivery speed around Europe. It’s reliable, disruption free and ensures real time printing – no crews have complained of delays with printing, some even say that the combination of Terminal Services and ThinPrint makes printing noticeably faster.”

Derry Kissane, IT Operations Team Leader, Ryanair


  • Industry: Aviation
  • Solution: ThinPrint
  • Environment: Terminal Servers

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