IT Company Delivers Seamless Printing for Remote Sites

Case Study: Aossia

Caused by large printing volumes and low bandwidth available between remote sites and the Aossia data center, users experienced RDP session performance issues. Sessions were sometimes extremely slow and at times it was even impossible to work. The result was huge user dissatisfaction and reduced productivity.
The Solution:

ThinPrint for Service Providers is used mainly for compression and bandwidth control of print data traffic. Features additionally used are ThinPrint V-Layer™ and the virtual printer driver ThinPrint Output Gateway, as well as ThinPrint Tracking & Reporting.
The Result:

Aossia solved many performance problems and reduced costs for their customers by avoiding additional bandwidth. ThinPrint Tracking is used for print billing and led to even more savings. Additionally, printer driver problems were solved leading to an overall far easier administration.

“Less printing problems equates to far happier users. Printing is one of the most important and sensitive services. ThinPrint is now a part of every solution that we offer our customers”

Ivaylo Petrov – CEO, Aossia


  • Aossia was established in 2006 and has international success with customers located in France, Belgium, Bulgaria and Luxembourg.
  • Aossia provides a stable and innovative virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) built on VMware’s industry leading and proven virtualization platform, enabling its corporate customers to work from any location around the world.
  • Aossia provides its customers with the freedom to access their virtual desktops and applications from a desktop PC client, thin client, laptop, tablet or smartphone using a remote display protocol. All features are available, just as if the applications were loaded on their local systems, but with the advantage that applications are centrally managed, and in most cases by just one IT support person.
  • AOSSIA Ltd.
    16A G.M Dimitrov Blvd. fl. 9
    Sofia 1797, Bulgaria


  • Industry: VDI-based service provider
  • Solution: ThinPrint

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