Printing in Wi-Fi Networks

With the ever-growing number of laptops, smartphones and tablets in companies, use of Wi-Fi networks also continues to grow rapidly. Your first thought is probably that file transfer is the main burden on the Wi-Fi network. But printing consumes just as much bandwidth in the local wireless network. The reason for high network loads when printing is the exorbitant increase in the size of the print file when compared to the original file size. This means work processes are restricted, because the entire Wi-Fi network reaches its performance limits.

Compress Print Data Effectively

Traditional compression technologies fall short, or in some cases no compression at all is provided in the normal printing process. However, if print data is compressed effectively, then the Wi-Fi network user’s productivity can be optimized in day-to-day work. With ThinShare technology which is included in ThinPrint 10, print data can be compressed already during transfer from the client to the server, which is crucial for relieving the burden on the Wi-Fi network bandwidth.

ThinShare is based on the Advanced Adaptive Compression of the print software ThinPrint, Cortado’s printing technology which has been continuously developed for 15 years. The compression of print data from the print server to clients such as network printers has been one of the strengths of ThinPrint for over a decade now. However, with ThinPrint 10, it is now also possible to compress print data from the client to the print server.

Solve Bandwidth Problems, Increase Performance Roundup

ThinShare enables significant rates of compression. During transfer of print data between the client and the print server in the Wi-Fi network, the print data is compressed by up to 98 percent. This solves bandwidth problems without the need for additional bandwidth, routers or software.

Discover in this whitepaper what exactly causes print jobs to be so large and how this negatively impacts your Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to the ThinPrint ThinShare feature, it is possible to compress print data from the client to the print server by up to 98 percent. The freed up bandwidth allows all employees using the Wi-Fi network to work unhindered and with no loss of performance.
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