Universal Access: Fast Printouts in Every Location

Universal Access: Fast Printouts in Every Location

A new production site of the Europoles GmbH in Oman had been connected to the headquarters in Germany via a site-to-site VPN connection with low bandwidth. The applications are made available on Citrix XenApp servers at headquarters. Due to the masked network, it was not possible to receive print jobs in Oman from the SAP system. To improve the management of the print environment and get fast printouts in every location, Europoles GmbH opted for ThinPrint.

The Solution:

The ThinPrint solution was installed on the print server at headquarters. This solution makes it possible for print jobs from SAP to be transmitted via TCP/IP to two SEH boxes in the masked network in Oman. The SEH boxes with integrated ThinPrint Client decompress the print jobs and forward them on to the network printers.

The Result:

Employees in the new branch office can finally print from SAP too.

“We are delighted that ThinPrint now allows us to enable our colleagues in Oman to make printouts too.”

Torsten Schuessler, Database Administrator, Europoles GmbH & Co. KG


  • Industry: Infrastructure Technology
  • Solution: ThinPrint Engine
  • Partner: MR Datentechnik

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