Now Available: ThinPrint 11

September 1, 2016
Jetzt verfügbar: ThinPrint 11 bietet Hochverfügbarkeit

ThinPrint 11 Offers High Availability for Printing and Printer Self Service for Users

Printing is still a decisive factor for many business processes. Bad news came with Windows Server 2012 when it became clear that print server clusters could no longer be formed. Companies can now breathe a sigh of relief. ThinPrint 11 closes this gap and ensures high availability with its extensive concept.

ThinPrint offers failover as well as load balancing for both the server and client sides. In addition, the market-leading printing software enables flexible server maintenance during working hours. These are just an outline of some of the features allowing ThinPrint to provide considerably higher protection against print failures than any other solution.

Another outstanding feature of ThinPrint 11 is the Self Service option for users. Employees can search for additional printers by printer name, feature and location, define their favorites and adjust settings themselves. The Printer Repair feature offers easy-to-use first aid for printer mapping problems. A vast number of helpdesk requests can be avoided thanks to these Self Service features, which result in a noticeable reduction in the burden on IT departments.

In addition to high availability and Printer Self Service, printing speeds for printouts and for AutoConnect, which is responsible for printer mapping, have been significantly improved. New group policies make sure that printer configuration is even easier than before.

More information on the new features available with ThinPrint 11 can be found at: