Now available: ThinPrint Management Services Automates the Management of Windows Print Environments

July 20, 2016
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ThinPrint Management Services is now available. It is a powerful and nimble tool to quickly and easily set up and manage large Windows print environments. The Windows PowerShell-based ThinPrint Management Services automatically integrates thousands of printers and drivers, including generating all settings, enabling the setup and migration of print servers and ensuring that print servers and workstations are kept up-to-date.

With ThinPrint Management Services, even companies and service providers that don’t know the print infrastructure of their branch offices or customers can automatically build a high-performance print environment. ThinPrint Management Services are suitable for any Windows-based print environment – with or without print servers. Thousands of printers and drivers, including all settings, are created within just a few minutes. The automated processes not only result in significant time savings, but also circumvent manual entry errors and the resulting problems when printing. As many scripts as are necessary can be run simultaneously on different servers. This saves time and leads to unprecedented speeds when setting up or migrating print servers and creating printers. In addition, several administrators can work simultaneously on various tasks and therefore optimize their work processes.

ThinPrint Engine Premium customers can take advantage of ThinPrint Management Services at no additional cost.

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