New in ThinPrint 11

Printing has never been so easy and flexible. With ThinPrint 11, high-availability and reliability achieve new dimensions when printing.

High Availability for Printing

Many business processes are still dependent on printing. The elimination of the print server cluster feature with Windows Server 2012 means though that important protection when printing is no longer available. ThinPrint 11 bridges this gap with its easy-to-implement solution for high availability printing. Load balancing and failover for print servers and clients ensures reliable enterprise printing.

ThinPrint offers high availability for printing.


  • High availability for servers: ThinPrint 11 allows two or more servers to be grouped together. If one of these servers is unable to provide printing services, all printer mappings automatically reroute to another server in the same group.
  • Server load balancing: Users are dynamically distributed to various ThinPrint servers within the print server group so that the print performance remains consistently high.
  • Maintenance mode for servers: Print servers can be placed during running operation into maintenance mode. Because the users’ printer objects are automatically transferred to other servers, IT departments can perform maintenance at any time without any negative impact on printing processes.
  • Failover and Load Balancing for Clients: If a ThinPrint Client is unavailable, it is automatically replaced by another one. ThinPrint Clients with identical configurations are also suitable for performance- enhancing, client-side load distribution.


  • More reliability: Failsafe operation on both server and client sides and the convenient maintenance mode allow reliable printing at any time. With its overseeing of print server availability and reacting to print specific issues, ThinPrint ensures significantly more protection against loss of printing than any other solution.
  • More productivity: The load distribution on both server and client sides, together with other ThinPrint features ensures maximum print performance and high productivity.
  • More Time: Printing errors are avoided – meaning time savings for both users and administrators. Complicated manual assignment of which printers from which server should be mapped, is finally over.
ThinPrint advantages

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