Supported Versions

After support ends, ThinPrint will no longer provide software updates, security updates and bug fixes, or technical support in case of problems with the software.

ThinPrint offers support for the following versions:

ThinPrint Engine

  • ThinPrint Engine 13
  • ThinPrint Engine 12
  • ThinPrint Engine for Desktop 11.3
  • ThinPrint Engine 11.2

ThinPrint RDP Engine

  • ThinPrint RDP Engine 12

ThinPrint Personal Printing

  • ThinPrint Personal Printing 4.2
  • ThinPrint Personal Printing 4.1
  • ThinPrint Personal Printing 4.0

ThinPrint Management Center / Services

  • ThinPrint Management Services 1.2
  • ThinPrint Management Center 2.2

ThinPrint Hub

  • ThinPrint Hub Firmware 1.2.25 – 1.19

Supported ThinPrint Client versions:

Most ThinPrint Clients work with most newer versions of ThinPrint Engine. An update of ThinPrint Clients thus in most cases is not required. Please contact us, if you have any questions about support of old ThinPrint Client versions.