ScriptRunner for ThinPrint

Run and delegate scripts via a GUI for print management without PowerShell knowledge

Create scripts with ScriptRunner for ThinPrint via web-based GUI

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint complements the ThinPrint Management Services, the ThinPrint Engine’s PowerShell interface. Thanks to ScriptRunner, scripts can be executed and managed via a GUI in a clearly arranged dashboard.

Simply share scripts with different permissions for individual users – e.g. service desk staff – or administrator groups. Your employees can then conveniently parameterize the scripts without PowerShell knowledge and thus automatically manage the entire printing environment.


Delegate tasks via role-based administration

Do you want to delegate the management of your printing environment to employees without PowerShell knowledge? ScriptRunner allows you to create, manage and execute scripts using a graphical interface. Store scripts in the Admin App, share them with individual support staff or specific administrator groups, and give your colleagues different rights to execute the scripts. In this way, you can manage your printing environment with delegated, role-based administration.

Delegate tasks via role-based administration
Manage the print environment via a web-based GUI

Full control over scripts and the entire print environment

It is up to you how your printing environment should be designed. Decide which parameters of a script should be made available to a user or group and which parameter values may be modified. Additional protection mechanisms ensure that certain actions – such as deleting printers – are only enabled if the Delegate Admin justifies the necessity of the action.

Manage the print environment via a web-based GUI

The scripts can be used to execute various pre-defined actions and thus automatically manage printing environments – even very large ones. Using scripts your team can easily add new printers, install printer drivers, create ThinPrint Ports, change printer properties, delete print jobs on servers, activate driver-free printing (V-Layer) and much more.

Manage the print environment via a web-based GUI
Parameterize scripts easily via a web app

Parameterize scripts easily via a web app

Service desk employees who have been assigned tasks (Delegate Admins) use the ScriptRunner Delegate App. Here they are shown the actions that have been released for them. In the clearly arranged web app, they can open the respective action, select certain script parameters in a form and execute the corresponding action – all without PowerShell knowledge. In reports, the Delegate Admin can see exactly which actions were executed.

License Packages

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint is available in three different packages,
offering a range of pre-defined actions and authorised administrators.

Package S Package M Package XL
Pre-defined Actions 1-5 1-10 1-15
Number of Management Admins 2 3 5
Number of Delegate Admins 3 8 15

Prices on request

Let ScriptRunner manage your environment

Add ScriptRunner for ThinPrint to the ThinPrint Management Services and manage your print environment via a graphical interface. In the free, 30-day trial version, up to five ScriptRunner administrators can access all predefined actions. Afterwards, the number of available actions depends on the purchased package.

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