Mobile Print + An EMM/MDM Solution = Secure Mobile Printing

Whether iPhones, Samsung tablets or MacBooks, mobile endpoint devices are becoming increasingly important for employee productivity and business agility. By using an Enterprise Mobility (EMM) solution, tablets and smartphones can be integrated efficiently into the corporate network and managed securely.

ThinPrint contributes an indispensable productivity feature: ezeep Mobile Print adds to every EMM/MDM solution a professional mobile print management system that covers all requirements. With iOS printing and Android printing, the solution offers mobile printing for any MDM solution, for any application, in any location and for every printer.


ezeep Mobile Print by ThinPrint offers mobile printing for any EMM/MDM solution


A Powerful EMM Solution is Essential for Businesses

As useful and popular as corporate mobile devices are, without a powerful EMM solution, they make businesses more vulnerable to security risks. Therefore, an enterprise mobility platform ideally combines Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM) to ensure the security of all devices, applications and data. A professional EMM solution covers:

  • Device Management (MDM): Device setup, management of mobile access to enterprise systems, remote device reset in case of loss or theft.
  • Application Management (MAM): Distribution of apps to devices, control application usage using policies.
  • Content Management (MCM): Secure, managed access to enterprise content from any location, effective enterprise file sharing and data loss prevention.
  • Establishing a BYOD and/or CYOD program (choose your own device): The appropriate control mechanisms for every mobility strategy type.


Mobile Print is the Key to Mobile Productivity

The goal of any EMM solution is to promote mobile employee productivity while protecting corporate data. But mobile work cannot be allowed to fail because of printing. This is why  Mobile Print provides secure and flexible enterprise printing for all mobile endpoint devices and printers.

With the convenient print management console, mobile employees can be assigned the correct network printers in just a few clicks. ThinPrint has worked closely with renowned EMM/MDM vendors to develop its mobile printing solution. This is why ThinPrint’s mobile print solution seamlessly integrates into any EMM/MDM system – whether MobileIron, Workspace ONE (Airwatch), Citrix XenMobile, SOPHOS or BlackBerry (Good) – and increases employee productivity through mobile printing which simply works and is a joy to use.

The interaction of Mobile Print and EMM/MDM systems offers many advantages:

  • Securely managed mobile printing from any endpoint device and to any printer
  • Enterprise-wide rollout and convenient configuration of the Mobile Print app
  • Comprehensive protection of the mobile application as well as enterprise data
  • Correct assignment of corporate printers via MDM


Centrally managed mobile printing with ezeep Blue

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ezeep Blue offers a unique mobile printing experience for users in businesses, coworking spaces and educational institutions. The mobile print apps ensure easy printing with Android and iOS devices – to any printer, anywhere.

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