Top 10 Reasons for ThinPrint Engine with Citrix

Printing is important and business critical, but more importantly it is a $800 million+ a year business opportunity for savings and earnings.

In virtual desktop environments, print management represents a major challenge. ThinPrint optimizes every Citrix print environment, lowers printing costs and allows users to print successfully every time. ThinPrint’s technology optimizes and increases the overall efficiency of the print environment, making it more reliable for all users, regardless of printer manufacturer.

Join us for the webinar to learn why you should be using ThinPrint for Citrix environments.

In this webinar, we will cover how Citrix and ThinPrint technology work hand in hand to:

✓ Guarantee fast, reliable and secure printing
✓ Greatly simplify print management
✓ Enable you to save big on cost
✓ Session includes case studies of Citrix & ThinPrint in use together

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