Municipal Administration of Delmenhorst Prints Rapidly and Smoothly with VMware Horizon, Zero Clients and ThinPrint Hub

Stadtverwaltung Delmenhorst druckt schnell und reibungslos mit ThinPrint

Printing should not have to take priority in the network, but compared to the VMware Horizon session, run in the background. Despite this, printing should also be reliable and not slow in branch offices, even if zero clients are used there.

The ThinPrint Engine is used on the central print server. Currently, the ThinPrint Hub provides a simple way to connect printers in 5 branch offices to the central print system. ThinPrint compression and streaming further optimize the transfer of print data.

Employees enjoy fast printing and smooth workflows with zero clients in branch offices, regardless of the bandwidth available. The IT department is pleased with the reduction in user complaints and low infrastructure requirements.

“Printing without ThinPrint simply wasn’t possible. Everything now works very well with ThinPrint’s optimization of print jobs. We forget how nerve-racking it can be without ThinPrint when setting up a new branch office – the ThinPrint Hub is simply a great solution.”

Ingo Gmyr, IT System Administrator, Municipal administration of Delmenhorst


  • Industry/Sector: Municipal administration
  • Solution: ThinPrint Engine and ThinPrint Hub
  • Environment: VMware Horizon Central Print Server, Dell/Wyse and Samsung Zero Clients

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