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Integrate iPads & Co. into your Print Environment

For a long time, there was the misconception that mobile devices made printing superfluous. Far from it – even though more and more information is being accessed digitally, it is still not entirely possible to forego paper. Whether documents required to fully prepare for a meeting, travel documents or a contract to be signed by a customer: In many situations we need information in printed form. But how do you bring the classic printing function to mobile devices?

In this white paper, we explain how ThinPrint Mobile Print lets you integrate mobile devices into your print environment – without any additional hardware. Use mobile printing with iPhone, iPads and Android devices, network printers and Wi-Fi and if required also in combination with a user-authenticated, secure pull-printing solution. Do you have an enterprise mobility solution in use? Then you can use it to easily integrate the printing function into your infrastructure and manage your employees’ mobile devices.

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Google Cloud Print Alternative?

Google has ended its popular cloud printing service. No need to worry though: ezeep Blue is now free for private users.