High Availability Printing

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High availability (HA) ensures continued IT operations in enterprises despite the failure of a system component. However, uninterrupted printing often remains an unachieved goal.

Especially since the loss of print server clusters with Windows Server 2012, failover printing can only be achieved with a suitable print management solution. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization solution only partially stabilizes printing systems.

Hyper-V checks only the availability of the servers and starts up a new virtual machine only if a server is lost, which in general is caused by hardware failures.

However, faulty hardware rarely causes print servers to fail. Rather, it is software problems, such as incompatible printer drivers and faulty spoolers, which lead to failures, long waiting times and productivity losses.

This white paper will show you how ThinPrint provides server- and client-side load balancing, controlled failover, and server maintenance during running operation to ensure high availability printing.
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