Perfect Printing for Branch Offices: ThinPrint Engine + ThinPrint Hub

Printing in branch and home offices can be a major headache for any organization.

With ThinPrint Engine, remote printers can be centrally managed and efficiently integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. The new ThinPrint Hub can be used to further simplify branch office integration. Thanks to its simple plug-and-play installation, no IT expertise is required on site in branch offices. Windows print servers in branch offices can be eliminated.

Join our webinar and learn how easy branch and home office printing can be!

✓ Fast, high-performance integration of branch office printing
✓ Reduce administrative overhead and helpdesk requests
✓ Central print management and maximum security
✓ Perfect combination with virtual desktops / Secure Gateway
✓ Hardware by ThinPrint, proudly presenting: ThinPrint Hub
✓ Print Server Consolidation

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