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Easy Printing for Windows Virtual Desktop

The Printing Solution for Azure-Hosted Windows 10 Multi-Session Desktops

ThinPrint – Microsoft’s selected launch partner for Windows Virtual Desktop – has developed a printing solution specifically for Azure-hosted Windows 10 multi-session desktops: ezeep for Azure.

The cloud printing solution for Windows Virtual Desktop ensures secure and easy connectivity to existing print environments and smooth printing from any device.


The Printing Solution for Azure-Hosted Windows 10 Multi-Session Desktops

Why ezeep is Best for Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop enables easy deployment and scaling of virtual desktops and applications on Azure. However, integrating the local print infrastructure into the cloud-based virtual desktop environment is a unique challenge. This is exactly what ezeep achieves. ezeep for Azure ensures fast and convenient printing in all virtual desktop scenarios.

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Easy Installation & Management

Install ezeep for Azure directly from the Azure Marketplace. Seamlessly integrated with Azure Active Directory, the print solution can be immediately made available to the entire enterprise. An easy-to-use web console lets you centrally manage your print environment without having to worry about print data security, failover, printer drivers or print server operation.

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Security & Control

With the ezeep console, you get full control over all printing processes and policies. The ezeep Connector ensures a secure connection of your printers. Network printers are conveniently made available to your users via the ezeep Hub. As the solution establishes a secure connection to the print service, you no longer need a VPN for secure printing.

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Smooth Printing with any Device

Users have secure and fast access to all their printers at all times, regardless of their end device and whether they are printing to network printers in the company or local printers in the home office. Even if they use HTML5 desktop clients, printouts are always instantly available.

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Easy To Use

Designed to work seamlessly with Windows Virtual Desktop, a perfect user experience is guaranteed. An intuitive self-service portal even allows users to make their own print settings.

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