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Prepare Your Print Environment for 2021

Legacy application and printing

Edition 11/2020 – Topics:

  • Modernize Legacy Applications and Print Directly from Web Applications
  • Whitepaper: Replace Google Cloud Print
  • ThinPrint Podcast Episode 1: Secure and Reliable Printing for Remote Desktops
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Between Home and The Office – A Wake-Up Call for All In IT

Hybrid workspace and printing

Edition 10/2020 – Topics:

  • Between Home and The Office – A Wake-Up Call for All In IT
  • On-Demand Webcast: Google Cloud Print Alternatives
  • On Track for Better Printing at Pacific National
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Beautiful & Not Just Practical Keeping Large Environments under Control

Using ThinPrint Management Services

Edition 09/2020 – Topics:

  • ThinPrint Management Services – Easily Managing Large Print Environments
  • NEW: ScriptRunner for ThinPrint – Script-based Automation without PowerShell Skills
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Serverless Printing with ThinPrint Hub and Stratodesk

Edition 08/2020 – Topics:

  • Easy and Centralized Management of Multiple ThinPrint Hubs
  • 10-30 Minutes Waiting for a Printout? How Hastings Ended This Nightmare
  • ThinPrint Virtual: Meet Us at the IGEL DISRUPT EMEA
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How Businesses Intelligently Reduce Printing Costs

Less printing costs with ezeep

Edition 07/2020 – Topics:

  • Tip 1: Replace Expensive VPN Connections for Printing
  • Tip 2: Eliminate Complex Printing Infrastructure and Save
  • Home Office Printing: Balancing Productivity and Security
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No More Troubles with Printer Drivers – Especially with Cloud Printing

Label printing with ezeep

Edition 06/2020 – Topics:

  • Cloud Printing with Native Printer Drivers and ezeep
  • Californian City Implements the Future Workplace – With ezeep
  • From Booth to Screen: How Our First Virtual Event Turned Out
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New ezeep Hub Easily Connects Printers to the Cloud

ezeep Hub easily connects printers to the cloud

Edition 05/2020 – Topics:

  • New: ezeep Hub Connects Cloud and Local Printing Infrastructure
  • New Features for Windows Virtual Desktop
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Printers A Virus Risk – Secure & Healthy Printing in the Office

Contactless printing

Edition 04/2020 – Topics:

  • Prevent Printers Spreading Viruses
  • RDS from the Cloud: Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop in 3 Steps
  • Azure Academy: Get the Best out of Windows Virtual Desktop
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How to Get Rid of Costly VPNs for Your Home Office workers

Printing With ezeep for Azure: Location Independent, Reliable, Easy

Edition 03/2020 – Topics:

  • Printing With ezeep for Azure: Location Independent, Reliable, Easy
  • How to get rid of costly VPNs
  • Good Advice During the Crises: How Can We Help You?
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ezeep is Citrix Ready® for Citrix Workspace

ezeep is Citrix Ready

Edition 02/2020 – Topics:

  • ezeep for Azure Offers Added Value – Also For Citrix Environments
  • German Local Government Makes 1800 Workstations Highly Available – Thanks to ThinPrint
  • Microsoft Ignite | The Tour – (P)Review
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2020: New Workplace Technology – New Momentum

Can You Make the Jump to the Cloud?

Edition 01/2020 – Topics:

  • Time to Switch to Windows 10
  • Can You Make the Jump to the Cloud?
  • 150 Printers, 20 Locations: Easy for Weyland with ThinPrint
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New: ThinPrint 12 Now (Highly) Available 2.0

ThinPrint 12 is available.

Edition 11/2019 – Topics:

  • ThinPrint 12 – High Availability 2.0 and More
  • Google Cloud Print Discontinued: Business Alternatives
  • In 147 Days Around the World: Microsoft Ignite | The Tour
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Frequent Printing Problems – How To Easily Eliminate Them By Yourself

Print security is important

Edition 10/2019 – Topics:

  • You’re Just 6 Steps Away From a Secure Printing Environment
  • White Paper: Windows Virtual Desktop – How Businesses Can Prepare
  • Diagnosis: Slow Printing, Cure: ThinPrint
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Now Available ezeep for Azure – The Windows Virtual Desktop Printing Solution

ezeep for Azure Dialogue

Edition 09/2019 – Topics

  • ezeep: The Future of Printing, Made by ThinPrint
  • Exclusive Preview of New ezeep Features
  • ezeep for Azure at Microsoft Ignite
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Why a Password Manager Print Feature Is Absurd

Passwort-Sicherheit - ein wichtiges Thema

Edition 08/2019 – Topics

  • Your First Steps with ThinPrint Hub Remote Management
  • Would You Have Known? Print Feature Hacks Password Manager
  • Explore the ThinPrint Universe at VMworld
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New: Central Management of all ThinPrint Hubs

ThinPrint Hub: Remote Management Console

Edition 07/2019 – Topics:

  • New: Central Management of all ThinPrint Hubs
  • Video: Printing with Windows Virtual Desktop – To Any Device
  • Travel Time: Faster Check-Ins and Check-Outs thanks to ThinPrint and FocusNet
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Citrix Synergy: Windows Virtual Desktop Is in Demand

Best of Citrix Synergy - Winner New Technology Badge

Edition 06/2019 – Topics:

  • Citrix Synergy: Windows Virtual Desktop Is in Demand
  • Printing at Remote Locations
  • 60% Savings: System Vendor Reduces Support Costs for Printing
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ezeep – Smooth Printing for Windows Virtual Desktop

ezeep for Azure: Print Screen

Edition 05/2019 – Topics:

  • ezeep – Smooth Printing for Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Municipal Utility Prints with Inherent Data Protection
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Now Available: Windows Virtual Desktop Public Preview

Video: Windows Virtual Desktop Public Preview Walkthrough

Edition 04/2019 – Topics:

  • Watch Now: Windows Virtual Desktop Public Preview Walkthrough
  • Citrix Synergy: We’re Ready to Go! Are you?
  • Uniper Needs High-Availability Printing for High-Availability Energy
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Everything You Need to Know about Windows Virtual Desktop

Enlightening Office Work

Edition 03/2019 – Topics:

  • Everything You Need to Know about Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Tips: How to Enable Network Printing for iOS Devices
  • Medical Center Heals Printing Problems with ThinPrint
  • Planned Extension of the European Particulate Dust Directive: Is A Printer Speed Limit on the Horizon?
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Stratodesk and ThinPrint Simplify Printing at VDI Workstations

ThinPrint Hub Management Console

Edition 02/2019 – Topics:

  • Stratodesk & ThinPrint: Easy VDI Workstations
  • IT Department at Delmenhorst Municipal Government Reduces User Complaints Thanks to ThinPrint Hub
  • Blog: Mobile Printing – Why?
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2019 Trends – Make Sure You’re Prepared

2019 Planning

Edition 01/2019 – Topics:

  • Windows Server 2008 (R2) Support End – What You Need to Know
  • Printing Even Without a Server – Thanks to Innovative Technology
  • ThinPrint & Xerox Deliver A Perfect & Secure Printing Experience
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ThinPrint – Launch Partner for Windows Virtual Desktops

Windows Virtual Desktops - The New Microsoft Solution

Edition 11/2018 – Topics:

  • How ThinPrint Supports the New Microsoft Strategy
  • Meet ThinPrint at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour
  • Webinar: Plug & Play IT with Citrix Workspace & ThinPrint Hub
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And the Award Goes to... ThinPrint Mobile Print

ThinPrint Receives Print IT Reseller Award

Edition 10/2018 – Topics:

  • Universal, Unique and Now, Award-Winning: ThinPrint Mobile Print
  • We’re Getting Closer to the Paperless Office yet Paper Is Still the Best User Interface
  • ThinPrint’s Experts Look Forward to Meeting You
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Don’t Let Mobility Fail Just Because of Printing


Edition 09/2018 – Topics:

  • White Paper: Printing Made Easy for Mobile Users
  • Tips & Tricks: Deploy Win32 Applications with XenMobile to Windows 10 Devices
  • ThinPrint on Tour: Meet the Printing Experts
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What Users Expect from Their IT

ThinPrint User Self Service Portal

Edition 07/2018 – Topics:

  • White Paper: Perfect Printer Mapping
  • A Healthy Printing Environment across 118 Locations
  • ThinPrint on Tour: Meet our Experts
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The 3 Biggest Myths About Pull Printing

User Authentication

Edition 06/2018 – Topics:

  • New: Personal Printing Release Station with Room for More
  • Revealed: 3 Pull Printing Myths
  • Discover Leading Endpoint Print Management Solutions at VMworld
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New: Professional Print Management for MobileIron, Airwatch & Co.

Printing from tablet on network printer

Edition 05/2018 – Topics:

  • New: ThinPrint Mobile Print – Simply Better Mobile Printing
  • Windows Server 2016: Migration Won’t Be a Jump into the Deep End
  • ThinPrint on Tour
  • ThinPrint Hub Rocks Citrix Synergy
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Unplug your print server today


Edition 04/2018 – Topics:

  • ezeep Dash: Unplug your Print Server
  • New: ThinPrint Hub Automatically Creates Printers
  • Meet us at Citrix Synergy from May 8-10
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New Personal Printing Version makes GDPR-Compliant Printing Easy

Self registration allows secure pull printing

Edition 03/2018 – Topics:

  • Personal Printing – The Easiest Solution for GDPR-Compliant Printing
  • Blog: EU GDPR: Citrix, Igel and ThinPrint – Better Together
  • ThinPrint at Citrix Synergy, May 8-10, Anaheim
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New: ezeep Dash Makes Admins' Hearts Jump with Joy

Admins' Hearts Jump with Joy

Edition 02/2018 – Topics:

  • ezeep Dash – Rediscover Print Administration
  • Problems When PDF Printing from Edge to a Samsung Network Printer?
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Printing in 2018: Safer, Faster, and Serverless – Simply better!

ezeep Dash Cover

Edition 01/2018 – Topics:

  • A First Look at ezeep Dash
  • VMblog Predictions for 2018: How Microsoft is Redefining End-User Computing
  • White Paper: Fast Printing Made Easy
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Cloud Print Icon

Looking for a
Google Cloud Print Alternative?

Google Cloud Print was discontinued on December 31, 2020.
Learn how to replace Google Cloud Print with ThinPrint’s cloud printing solution ezeep in our white paper.