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New: Central Management of all ThinPrint Hubs

Edition 07/2019 – Topics:

  • New: Central Management of all ThinPrint Hubs
  • Video: Printing with Windows Virtual Desktop – To Any Device
  • Travel Time: Faster Check-Ins and Check-Outs thanks to ThinPrint and FocusNet
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Citrix Synergy: Windows Virtual Desktop Is in Demand

Edition 06/2019 – Topics:

  • Citrix Synergy: Windows Virtual Desktop Is in Demand
  • Printing at Remote Locations
  • 60% Savings: System Vendor Reduces Support Costs for Printing
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ezeep – Smooth Printing for Windows Virtual Desktop

Edition 05/2019 – Topics:

  • ezeep – Smooth Printing for Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Municipal Utility Prints with Inherent Data Protection
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Now Available: Windows Virtual Desktop Public Preview

Edition 04/2019 – Topics:

  • Watch Now: Windows Virtual Desktop Public Preview Walkthrough
  • Citrix Synergy: We’re Ready to Go! Are you?
  • Uniper Needs High-Availability Printing for High-Availability Energy
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Everything You Need to Know about Windows Virtual Desktop

Edition 03/2019 – Topics:

  • Everything You Need to Know about Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Tips: How to Enable Network Printing for iOS Devices
  • Medical Center Heals Printing Problems with ThinPrint
  • Planned Extension of the European Particulate Dust Directive: Is A Printer Speed Limit on the Horizon?
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Stratodesk and ThinPrint Simplify Printing at VDI Workstations

Edition 02/2019 – Topics:

  • Stratodesk & ThinPrint: Easy VDI Workstations
  • IT Department at Delmenhorst Municipal Government Reduces User Complaints Thanks to ThinPrint Hub
  • Blog: Mobile Printing – Why?
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2019 Trends – Make Sure You’re Prepared

Edition 01/2019 – Topics:

  • Windows Server 2008 (R2) Support End – What You Need to Know
  • Printing Even Without a Server – Thanks to Innovative Technology
  • ThinPrint & Xerox Deliver A Perfect & Secure Printing Experience
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ThinPrint – Launch Partner for Windows Virtual Desktops

Edition 11/2018 – Topics:

  • How ThinPrint Supports the New Microsoft Strategy
  • Meet ThinPrint at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour
  • Webinar: Plug & Play IT with Citrix Workspace & ThinPrint Hub
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And the Award Goes to... ThinPrint Mobile Print

Edition 10/2018 – Topics:

  • Universal, Unique and Now, Award-Winning: ThinPrint Mobile Print
  • We’re Getting Closer to the Paperless Office yet Paper Is Still the Best User Interface
  • ThinPrint’s Experts Look Forward to Meeting You
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Don’t Let Mobility Fail Just Because of Printing

Edition 09/2018 – Topics:

  • White Paper: Printing Made Easy for Mobile Users
  • Tips & Tricks: Deploy Win32 Applications with XenMobile to Windows 10 Devices
  • ThinPrint on Tour: Meet the Printing Experts
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What Users Expect from Their IT

Edition 07/2018 – Topics:

  • White Paper: Perfect Printer Mapping
  • A Healthy Printing Environment across 118 Locations
  • ThinPrint on Tour: Meet our Experts
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The 3 Biggest Myths About Pull Printing

Edition 06/2018 – Topics:

  • New: Personal Printing Release Station with Room for More
  • Revealed: 3 Pull Printing Myths
  • Discover Leading Endpoint Print Management Solutions at VMworld
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New: Professional Print Management for MobileIron, Airwatch & Co.

Edition 05/2018 – Topics:

  • New: ThinPrint Mobile Print – Simply Better Mobile Printing
  • Windows Server 2016: Migration Won’t Be a Jump into the Deep End
  • ThinPrint on Tour
  • ThinPrint Hub Rocks Citrix Synergy
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Unplug your print server today

Edition 04/2018 – Topics:

  • ezeep Dash: Unplug your Print Server
  • New: ThinPrint Hub Automatically Creates Printers
  • Meet us at Citrix Synergy from May 8-10
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New Personal Printing Version makes GDPR-Compliant Printing Easy

Self registration allows secure pull printing

Edition 03/2018 – Topics:

  • Personal Printing – The Easiest Solution for GDPR-Compliant Printing
  • Blog: EU GDPR: Citrix, Igel and ThinPrint – Better Together
  • ThinPrint at Citrix Synergy, May 8-10, Anaheim
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New: ezeep Dash Makes Admins' Hearts Jump with Joy

Edition 02/2018 – Topics:

  • ezeep Dash – Rediscover Print Administration
  • Problems When PDF Printing from Edge to a Samsung Network Printer?
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Printing in 2018: Safer, Faster, and Serverless – Simply better!

Edition 01/2018 – Topics:

  • A First Look at ezeep Dash
  • VMblog Predictions for 2018: How Microsoft is Redefining End-User Computing
  • White Paper: Fast Printing Made Easy
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Start 2018 Fully Relaxed with GDPR-Compliant Printing Processes

Edition 09/2017 – Topics:

  • Fully Relaxed with GDPR-Compliant Printing Processes
  • Don’t Miss Out: Our Orange Friday Offer Ends Soon
  • Disappearing Printers and Late Nights at Medical Practices
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New Version: ThinPrint Hub with Automatic Printer Search

Edition 08/2017 – Topics:

  • Connect & Find: ThinPrint Hub Now with Automatic Printer Search
  • Video: Slow Printing? How to Get your Print Jobs Moving
  • 2 Problems, 1 Solution: Weinmann Aach Reduces their IT Workload with ThinPrint
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Coming Soon: Revolutionary Print Management Made by ThinPrint

Edition 07/2017 – Topics:

  • Coming Soon: ezeep Dash Enables Serverless Printing for PCs & Macs
  • International Pull Printing or How to Kill 4 Birds with One Stone
  • We’re Really On the Road: Meet Us at These Events
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New: ThinPrint Hub with Integrated Printer Monitoring

Edition 06/2017 – Topics:

  • Keep an Eye on all your Printers with the ThinPrint Hub
  • Simply Better Printing for SAP, Oracle, Epic & Co.
  • Video: Do You Still Need Print Servers?
  • VMworld 2017: Stop By Booth #1331
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Printing Failures – Hardware is Rarely the Cause

Edition 05/2017 – Topics:

  • Printing Failures – Hardware is Rarely the Cause
  • Data Encryption: The Nuts and Bolts of Printing
  • See You at VMworld 2017
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New: High Availability Printing now also for Local Applications

Edition 04/2017 – Topics:

  • New: High Availability Printing and Easy Print Management also when Working Locally
  • ThinPrint Highlights for Macs in Enterprises
  • ThinPrint on Tour: Meet us at Citrix Synergy
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How to Avoid Print-Related Privacy Violations

Edition 03/2017 – Topics:

  • Data Protection: Don’t Forget the Output Tray
  • Brother Integrates ThinPrint Client
  • The ThinPrint Experts Are On the Road
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Ensure Your Printing Processes Are Data-Protection Compliant

Network printer - GDPR Ready

Edition 02/2017 – Topics:

  • Ensure Printing Processes Are GDPR Compliant
  • Is VPN-Free, Yet Secure, Printing Possible?
  • New ThinPrint Client for HP Network Printers
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2017 Preview: Why Printing Will Be On Your To-Do List

Edition 01/2017 – Topics:

  • New: Secure Printing with Personal Printing Release Station
  • Security & Productivity – Will Printing be on Your 2017 Agenda?
  • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Simplifies Citrix Printing with ThinPrint
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What Are Your Printing Requirements?

Edition 11/2016
Topics: Survey: What Are Your Printing Requirements? | Video: Integrating Branch Offices Made Easy with the ThinPrint Hub | Zero Outage Print Culture at T-Systems

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Is Printing a Nightmare in your Branch Offices? Not with ThinPrint

Edition 10/2016
Topics: Does Printing in Branch Offices give you the Heebie Jeebies? | High Availability for Branch Offices with ThinPrint 11 and ThinPrint Hub | Caution: Why Virtualization Alone Doesn’t Deliver High Availability

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New ThinPrint Blog with Tips & Tricks from the Printing Experts

Edition 09/2016
Topics: Launching the ThinPrint Blog: ThinPrint in a Flash on a Mac, Eliminate Print Servers in Branch Offices and More | Vote Now: Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2016 | Kokosing Industrial Relies on ThinPrint’s Printing Performance for Microsoft RemoteApp | ThinPrint on Tour: Meet the Printing Experts

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ThinPrint 11 Now Available: The Most Reliable Print Server and Printer Self Service

Edition 08/2016
Topic: ThinPrint 11 – Setting New Standards in High Availability and Print Server Perfomance

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New: Print Management In An Instant

Edition 07/2016
Topics: Set Up 1000 Printers in Just 10 minutes? No Problem with ThinPrint Management Services

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