Mobile Efficiency – How Citrix XenMobile, ShareFile and ThinPrint Deliver Productivity Perfection with Smartphones and Tablets

Together with Citrix, we’re showing you how Citrix XenApp, ShareFile and ThinPrint Mobile Print all easily help you manage mobile devices effortlessly and allow them to be used far more productively in your company. And all without any additional effort for IT departments while remaining intuitive and easy for end-users.

The future is mobile – business use of smartphones and tablets has long become ubiquitous in today’s world and this enables constant access to information as well as diverse communication options. Correctly used, these devices offer even further possibilities and can deliver a considerable advantage for employees and companies – for example access to the corporate network as well as information, mobile file processing and much more.

With the advent of mobile devices however, the question comes up as to whether and, more importantly, how, documents used on the go can be printed. Even though more and more information is being accessed digitally, completely eliminating paper from the business equation is not a realistic option.

✓ Unified endpoint management for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows 10
✓ Convenient network printing
✓ Flexible integration with EMM solutions
✓ Secure combination of cloud management and the local print infrastructure

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