Better printing thanks to manufacturer-independence

One important advantage with ThinPrint technology is its wide-ranging hardware support. ThinPrint can be used fully independently of hardware manufacturers. This gives companies the flexibility to choose their printing infrastructure and users the freedom of printing reliably from any device to any printer.




Leading thin client manufacturers support ThinPrint

When the first software was released in 1999, a number of hardware manufacturers were immediately won over by our technology and produced the first devices with integrated ThinPrint client software. Today, all leading thin client manufacturers have embedded the ThinPrint software in their hardware. For remaining thin clients, the ThinPrint software can be installed on them or in many instances, a ThinPrint component is embedded in network printers and print gateway appliances. Learn more »


Printers running ThinPrint, run better

ThinPrint is suitable for any printer model from any manufacturer. As the leading software-based printing solution, ThinPrint technology is already an integral part of many printers. These devices can be addressed as network printers without any additional administrative effort. ThinPrint’s outstanding performance features such as compression and SSL encryption of print data are used for the entire printing process – right to the printing device. Numerous and renowned print server manufacturers have integrated the ThinPrint client software into their hardware.


Find ThinPrint Certified Devices

Especially recommended devices

Companies using ThinPrint print independently of manufacturers and benefit from the flexible use of their printer hardware, thin clients and print servers. Devices which are especially recommended are awarded the "ThinPrint Certified" seal of approval.


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